Car Sanitization

Save big on car sanitization at ServiceMyCar

Save big on car sanitization at ServiceMyCar
Getting a car sanitisation service at ServiceMyCar is easier than ever. Simply mention that you require a car sanitisation service and provide your details to get a free and instant quote.
As the region’s largest car service provider, we have enhanced our services to include car sanitisation to limit the spread of coronavirus. If you’re looking for a comprehensive sanitisation of your vehicle to ensure it’s safe to drive, we’ve got you covered. 

What is included in our car sanitization service?

After you make a booking with collection and delivery, your vehicle will be taken to one of our vetted and approved garages. We use ultra-fumigation technology which ensures that all contaminants and germs are taken care of instantly. 
Our sanitization experts will focus on critical areas, such as the key, ignition, door handles, rearview mirrors, steering wheel, gearstick, handbrakes, and much more. We have highlighted the main areas that come in contact with your hand, and ensure that those areas are thoroughly sanitised. 
After finishing off with a final spray, your vehicle will be ready to be delivered back to you, with a contactless drop-off. 

How beneficial is a car sanitization service for your car?

While we remember to wash and sanitise our hands and surroundings, our car has to be santisied regularly too. Since we spend a lot of time in our car and move in and out, it’s easy for us to carry germs and leave it in its interior.
This is where a car sanitization service proves to be crucial. A thorough cleaning and sanitisation of all the critical areas in the interior will help to ensure the car is safe to drive.

Where do I get car sanitisation near me? 

Like all our other services, our sanitisation service comes with a pickup and delivery option. If you opt for it, all you have to do is make a booking and approve the quote, and we’ll take care of all your sanitisation needs.
After bringing your car to one of our vetted and certified garages, we’ll use the best tools to carry out all the car sanitization work. With our car sanitization service, you can go back to feeling confident and secure within the confines of your car. 
Use the ServiceMyCar app or website to request for a car sanitisation quote to avail the best car sanitisation Dubai has to offer.

What’s Included

  • Oil 5W30 (Free Promotion)
  • Oil Filter
  • Collection & Delivery
  • All Fluids Top-Up
  • Tyre Check & Air Pressure
  • 360-degree Health Check
  • Reset car service Light
  • Computer Diagnostics Report
  • AC Checkup
  • Brake Check
  • Car Wash
  • AC Filter Replacement (Labour)
  • Air Filter Replacement (Labour)
  • Spark Plugs Replacement (Labour)
  • Oil Filter Replacement (Labour)
  • Oil Change (Labour)
  • AC Filter Air Filter Spark Plugs

Pickup and Delivery

6 Month Parts and Labour Warranty

Dedicated Service Advisors

Free Car Wash With All Services


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